This article was published 16 years ago

Welcome Daily Reveille Readers

While looking at my logs on my Web site, I’ve noticed an increase in traffic to my Web site.  This is somewhat good consider when you enter my name on Google (gregschultz has the correct link, not gregory schultz), this Web site does not appear.  Good job everyone for going the extra length to find me!

Now that readers are going to my Web site, I’m going to post ideas for upcoming columns that I would like you, the readers, to contribute.  You can do this by entering comments at the bottom of this post.  I’m trying to set it up to post the comments automatically.  This should be accomplish by this weekend, but don’t hold your breath on that statement.

Also, I would like some feedback on my style of writing.  Please post constructive criticism comments and not the ‘you suck’ comments.  Those will be deleted!

Thanks for finding me!