This article was published 11 years ago

What Apple needs to announce on Tuesday

Apple iPhone
An iPhone 5 unboxed – Image credit: Flickr / Brett Jordan

It’s almost certain that Apple will unveil a new iPhone (maybe two models) and a smartwatch at tomorrow’s event in Cupertino, Calif. What is still unknown is whether the new iPhone can be used as a credit card or how long the iWatch will run on a single charge. We think we know what’s going to be announce tomorrow but until the clock strikes 10AM pacific, we have nothing to go but rumors and guesses. While we wait, here are some issues Apple needs to address tomorrow.


If the rumor is true that the next iPhone will have an NFC chip that will allow users to  use their phones to pay for items, Apple has to address the recent iCloud leak of celebrity photos and reassure everyone that they take security very serious. They need to address reports indicate how easy it is to gain access to users’ iCloud accounts, including one where you only need $200 to gain access. How they do this is another problem because no matter how secure you make iCloud, users can throw it all away with guessable, simplistic passwords like ‘12345’.

It would be a mistake if Apple doesn’t address last week’s iCloud problem because naked photos getting leaked is one thing, having user’s credit card numbers exposed is another. They can’t hide behind a press release and expect everything to be fine going forward.


On a more lighter note, another rumor making the rounds is that Apple will unveil an iWatch at tomorrow’s event. Details about the watch are very scarce, only with a quote saying Switzerland should be scared and Apple has invited fashion bloggers to the event tomorrow. What Apple needs to do is convince people why you need this.

I use an Under Armor heart monitor when I exercise on my bike. It uses Bluetooth and I have to pair with the phone every time I start my exercise routine. My phone never auto-connects with the UA device and the app I use, Mapmyride, never recognizes the device. Some days it takes a minute to get everything working perfectly, some days it takes 30 minutes to get everything working.

If Apple is doing iWatch and they want it to exceed, just show how easy it will be to pair the device. If the watch uses NFC and it pairs with the phone in seconds – BOOM! Success! If the watch pairs using Bluetooth and you have to pair the device, take one step back, two steps forward – then it’s just another watch like the Moto 360 and Samsung Galaxy gear.

Samsung is on it’s third version of the Galaxy Gear watch. It’s an under-performing watch – both in hardware and sales. What Apple has to address is what the watch will do, how easy it is to sync with the phone and how long it will last on a single charge.

Apple did a good job at convincing people to buy the iPad and based on how the Galaxy Gear watch is doing, Apple has an extreme uphill battle to face.

These are some of the items Apple should address tomorrow. We’ll see if they do.