This article was published 16 years ago

When social networks can hurt you

Depending of how your friends voted in last week’s election, you may have seen some unpleasant remarks posts on social networks like Facebook and MySpace. This is why people need to be careful of what people post on their profiles, people can look at them and it could cost you your jobs and/or friends. We have two stories to report about.

First comes from the University of Texas where offensive lineman Buck Burnette was dismissed from the team after he posted remarks about the newly elected president

“Buck Burnette’s dismissal is the result of him posting to his Facebook page an extremely immature, intolerant, and hateful remark about President-Elect Barack Obama. Upon learning of what he posted, Mack Brown dismissed him from the team.”

I have a tip and an alleged quote on the vile remark — involving hunters and racial epithets that I can’t reprint — but nothing that absolutely confirms the exact wording. There’s no question about the sentiment, though.

His facebook page has been deleted after he issued an apology on his profile status.

Second story comes from Durham, North Carolina where the police department is conducted an internal investigation after two officers posted offensive comments on their MySpace pages.

Derogatory remarks toward President-elect Barack Obama made on a social networking Web site are now the subject of an internal police investigation.

A police department employee claims the statements were made on the MySpace pages of two Durham officers.

“There’s no exact words that were said,” said Police Chief Jose L. Lopez Sr. in a telephone interview Wednesday from San Diego, where he is attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference. “It wasn’t a racial slur, but we’re still investigating it.”

The report was unclear about what the comments were or if the MySapce pages in question are still available for viewing, but it clear that people are looking at your social networking profiles, even if you set them to limited viewing.