This article was published 12 years ago

Windows 8 first thoughts: A learning curve

Microsoft Windows 8 metro
Windows 8 start screen – Image credit: Microsoft

I’ll have a full review next week so here’s a short review of Windows 8. The best: a faster boot. Even on an older model with 2GB of memory and 1.7 Intel Core 2 Duo, the boot-up process was incredibility fast, almost like the computer was using a solid-state drive. But the fast boot-up drive was about the only thing positive out of Windows 8.

Microsoft decided to do away with windows icon on the lower left side of the screen and the start panel was been replaced with the Metro UI interface. Maybe they decided that this was best for a touch screen but – in my opinion, that this is a beta operating system and is subject to change – Windows 8 will not be liked for desktop users.

Keep in mind that I’ve been using Windows 8 for a few hours so stay tuned.

If you like to try out Windows 8, use this link for a faster web-installation download or this for a direct link to the ISOs.